Spotlight on TESOL Arabia

The International TESOL Association has affiliate bodies all over the world. A prominent one is TESOL Arabia.

Last year, blogger Sherry Blok interviewed TESOL Arabia’s past president, Naziha Ali, about organizational leadership and how all TESOLers can get involved with their local teaching communities.

Ali also offered some practical tips for busy teachers who crave PD (professional development) but can’t find the time:

“Any activity that a teachers engage in that makes a conscious/unconscious difference to the way they do things at work or in class is professional development. Anything from a ladies’/men’s room chat to a water cooler chat to studying for a degree to sharing knowledge in front of a large audience at a conference is professional development. So for teachers who state that they don’t have time for professional development, my suggestion is to stop and reflect on what activities they like doing that add any kind of value to their work. Chances are they are probably already engaged in some kind of professional development, even if it means a bright spark occurring when they are watching a TV programme in the evening.”

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