The pushback against classroom tech

Classroom-tech critic Nicholas Kardaras argues in this Time Magazine essay that screens in the classroom cause more harm than good.

Technology is now part of the classroom landscape, and while many educators are calling for the field to accept reality and embrace the affordances of these tools, others are pushing back.

Kardaras, a psychotherapist, writes:

“From inner-city schools to those in rural and remote towns, we have accepted tech in the classroom as a necessary and beneficial evolution in education.

This is a lie.

Tech in the classroom not only leads to worse educational outcomes for kids… it can also clinically hurt them.”

He goes on to share studies that support his point — some of them quite compelling. And though his cynical argument that educational technology is merely a money-making scheme weakens his credibility, those on his side of the fence will find this an entertaining read.

Of course, the bigger question goes unanswered: since classroom tech is here, since students are captivated by screens and becoming ever-increasingly bionic, how is complaining in the face of the tidal wave going to change things?