What OTHER literacies do adult learners need?

Person using touch screen.

Literacies are multiple, extending far beyond the basic “read and write” definition. In this TESOL.org blog post, writer Robert Shepard shares his suggests for eight literacies that teachers of adult-education language learners should consider weaving into their instruction to fulfill their full range of pedagogical responsibilities.

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And if this whets your appetite for more, check out the paper that introduced the term “multiliteracies” to our field’s conversation: the New London Group’s 1996 A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing Social Futures. Written two years after the launch of the Internet, it presages many changes our “information superhighway” has brought about, and is perhaps the most-cited authority on the concept of re-conceptualizing literacy from its original monolithic definition to the multiple one we embrace today.