Full-time workplace-English role at University of Wisconsin — Madison

[MID-CAREER] –This full-time job pays $48,333 per year and has been advertised on both TESOL.org and HigherEdJobs.com. It looks like an intriguing opportunity for someone with experience in helping English-language learners develop competence in using English in their workplace.

The person will wear several hats, both teaching and administrative: they’ll manage and teach in workplace education programs, and serve as a university point person for related needs and initiatives. See the job description on University of Wisconsin’s website for details.

Requirements are a B.A. and TESOL certificate, plus two years of teaching low-proficiency beginners. Experience with workplace education is listed as a plus.

It sounds to us like an M.A. TESOL and administrative experience would be helpful for success in this role, but these aren’t required, so this could be a great chance for someone to jump up to a new level!