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U of Michigan pushes “engaged learning”

Whether you know it as “active learning,” “experiential learning,” or “transformative learning,” chances are you’ve heard the benefits of “engaged learning”–a cover term for instructional efforts to help students gain awareness of their learning processes […]

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Research News

New study on speaking fluency development

“Fluency” is an important concept in language education, and it can mean a range of things. Broadly speaking, fluency is the ability to think, speak and/or write in a smooth, straightforward way. It emerges as learners develop automaticity: subconscious activation of internalized knowledge […]

Research News

Re-examining the ‘critical period’

Children “soak up languages like a sponge,” say the lay public enrolling their kindergartners in Mandarin classes. This assumption is likely based in part on the “Critical Period Hypothesis“–a popular, yet controversial belief that language learners […]