Our vision

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The field of “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of projects and professionals. TESOLers reading this might teach immigrants in California. Or college students in South America. Or Korean pre-teens at an after-school ‘hagwon.’ They may have master’s degrees in TESOL or related fields. They might have just started their CELTA.

What do we all have in common, besides this acronym? What unites us all?

We’re teachers. Supporters. Dedicated professionals. We care deeply about our students, and we’re committed to their success. And to help them achieve it, we invest in our work, devoting long hours to teaching and planning, and constantly expanding our pedagogical knowledge.

But access to knowledge varies throughout the field. And in our siloed projects, it’s sometimes hard to see beyond the walls of our sub-discipline to harness insights from adjacent areas.

TESOLidarity is founded on the goal of making TESOL knowledge accessible to everyone.

We created TESOLidarity to break down these silos. We believe that research findings should be clear enough for all teachers to apply them. We believe in sharing relevant literature across ESL, EFL, and related areas. We believe in helping new and experienced teachers broaden their sense of what is possible in this field — to expose them to interesting new opportunities and insights that will help shape their future.

TESOLidarity is about TESOLers coming together — across disciplines, countries and cultures — to consolidate our knowledge and collectively develop, improving our practice and the lives of the millions of students we serve.

Thanks for being part of our community!