About Us

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TESOLidarity is an information hub for TESOLers around the world. Here we break down disciplinary silos, sharing research findings and best-practice insights across professions, cultures and communities. Our goal is to make TESOL knowledge accessible for all — improving the lives of teachers, as well as the students we serve.

Read the full TESOLidarity vision statement here.

Who we are

The “we” in TESOLidarity is all of us–everyone who works with language learners and seeks to serve them better.

Our editor/founder is Heather Swenddal. She holds an M.A. TESOL from San Francisco State University and has more than a decade’s experience teaching language learners in the U.S. and Asia. By day, Heather manages a university-based ESOL department. TESOLidarity is her off-hours passion: a grad school project that continues to grow!

Resources we provide

Explore TESOLidarity, and you’ll find:

  • snapshot summaries of impactful relevant research,
  • simple explanations of complicated concepts,
  • best-practice teaching tips and opinions,
  • curated links to the best TESOL jobs on the web, and
  • links to other interesting sites worth checking out.

How to help

Keeping abreast of a changing field is challenging work! You can make TESOLidarity even better by sending interesting links and ideas to TESOLidarity@gmail.com. And please join the conversation: every article has a comment box, just waiting for your perspective. Please share your thoughts and engage with your peers around the world.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being part of our community!